• Digilink Computers will cover the shipping costs of any order within the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) back and forth and replace the part(s) within the first 30 business days of receiving your computer system. 

  • The Customer takes full responsibility for shipping charges on any order shipped internationally. 

  • The Customer is also liable for any shipping charges for international shipments sent back after warranty repair is completed. 

  • Shipments for warranty repair must be shipped to Digilink Computers within 10 business days after Digilink Computers confirms the warranty repair. 

  • Digilink Computers will not honor warranty service if the computer is defective due to physical damage, overclocking (unless otherwise stated in writing by an officer of Digilink Computers), or from part modifications from the original order on critical components such as the motherboard, processor, case, or power supply. 

  • Warranties will also be voided if components are removed from the original spec of the computer. 

  • Digilink Computers reserves the right to use similar products or similar to new products for all repairs to computer systems if the product first indicated is out of stock.

  •  If you request for Digilink Computers to use a specific product for your order, and would not like to substitute it with alternatives, it may be subject to delay.